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Days to the Christmas Party








Welcome to the American / Filipino Christmas Party 2022 registration system.

As of 12-8-2022 100 seats out of 100 have been taken.

Sorry for not posting the date, missed it. December 17, 2022. Its a Saturday.


Registration is now open: Event Location:  Highland Village, 515 Main Ave, Highland Heights, KY 41076 Event Time:  4:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Please arrive at 4:00 PM so that we can get the dishes in the warmers to be ready by 5:00 PM, if you can pre-warm your dish before arriving, this will help to get all dishes hot and ready to eat at 5:00 PM) **Note: All people coming to the party must enter the party room from the back of the building. We are not permitted to enter via the front doors. Dinner Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM  (For the best food selection, please be ready to eat by 5:00 PM) **Note: Children are not permitted to play outside the room or in the back of the building. When children need to use the restrooms, they must be accompanied by an adult. Questions?  Contact: stephen@kreyling.com Events during the party: Karaoke Christmas Background for Pictures (The ladies will be meeting to discuss this in September and I will post the details when it is all decided.) This year’s Christmas party will be a potluck with each registrant bringing a covered dish to share. Please use the registration form below and fill out the (*) required fields and submit your registration and make a payment to confirm your spot at the party. All registrations must be paid in order to be valid and counted. The cost of the party is listed below and payment information will be sent via the registration email when your registration is submitted. You will receive a text of confirmation when payment is made. All dishes will be listed below and it would be best to have a wide variety of different dishes for all to enjoy. Items that will be supplied: 

  • Bottled Water (You are welcome to bring your favorite beverage. Alcohol is permitted but not supplied.)
  • Forks, knives, spoons
  • Napkins, Dinner plates, Dessert plates, Bowls
  • All aluminum products to serve the dishes and the heating elements
  • Onsite ice machine
  • Emily and Steve will supply the White and Black (Emporers Rice), Regular Coffee, and Decaf Coffee. We will have a rice cooker on site if we need to cook more rice.

Registration cost: (to cover the consumable materials) **(Registration is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you can sell your reservation to another person that will have to bring a dish to share and can not exceed the number of people that your registration covered.)

We are limited to 100 persons at the place that we are using for the party this year.

$10 Family (kids are included that live in the home and are under 18 yrs old)

$5 Single Adult (18 years old and up

Dish List:   (For best selection of food, show up on time, when its gone, its gone….)

Fresh pork egg rolls – Emily Kreyling
Pancit Canton – Chicken Salpicao – Maria Collins
Fried Chicken – Dennie Cac
Cucumber Salad – Emme Busse
Chinese dish – Gay gay Parker
Chicken Macaroni Salad – Mary Ann Sachleben
(Meatless) 4 Cheese Lasagna – Kat Ecklar
Ceviche with Chips & Desert – Doris Sims
Rosanna Gubler – Sour Cream Potatoes
Dressing – Emily Kreyling
Vegan Dish – Emily Kreyling
White and black (emperors) rice – Emily Kreyling
Pancit – Joy Taylor
Green Beans Plain – Emily Kreyling
Fried chicken – Tata Kreyling
Pumpkin Cheesecake – Emily Kreyling
Regular Coffee – Emily Kreyling
Chicken/Dumplings – Emily Kreyling
Additional dishes show up to find out – Emily Kreyling
Cheese Cake – Monica Kreyling
Cassava Cake – Shiella Yelton
Garlic Butter Shrimp – Jonis Garcia
Fried Chicken – Herman & Ma. Ofelia
Ham Honey Baked – Herman & Ma. Ofelia
Pancit with shrimp – Gina Hogle
Fried Rice – Beth Kenner
Chicken adobo – Nellie Ritter
Beef Stew – Nellie Ritter
Hawaiian Chicken – Leda Gonzalez
Turkey – Tom & Rossana Kreyling
Maja Blanca – Tess Claybern
Fried Chicken – Tess Claybern
Sushi – Sherri Grubbs
Dinuguar – Sherri Grubbs
Bibingka – Sherri Grubbs
Joy Morris – Green beans stir fry and ginataang mais sa malagkit





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