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Group Chat / Video Chat

Kreyling Creative LLC is working on adding a free service to the group to be able to chat via text and have video calls for our group. You can use the service on your computer, android phone, apple phone.

Our first test will be done for the American / Filipino Picnic chat for the ladies.

With Facebook censorship blocking many different groups, this service will allow encrypted secure services for communication that is not controlled by large corporations.

We will be adding more information soon. The ladies will be the first users on the system for communication on the picnic and its planning.

Ladies that are interested in getting an account for text chat and video chat will need to fill out this form. Em, and I will verify that you are the person that filed the request and gets the invite sent to your email address.
Access is added manually, so you must be verified to be of the group before you are granted access.
Required if we have questions.